100% of our parents stated in a recent questionnaire that their child enjoys pre-school and they would recommend us to other parents.

Very special and loving environment.

I wasn’t sure how my shy little two year old would cope in preschool, but she loves it, she is making visible progress in her skills, confidence and learning.

Homely atmosphere, lots of hard work and dedication.

Staff are friendly and approachable.

A wonderful early learning environment.

Staff go out of their way to make children feel special and welcome and put in extra hard work in their own time.

Staff take interest and are considerate, helpful and keep me informed.

Our parents views are also supported by the comments from our most recent OFSTED report in January 2020…

“Children arrive happy and quickly become occupied in a wide range of activities that are well presented and easily accessible. Children proudly show staff their artwork and examples of their handwriting. They are happy to receive praise and are eager to answer the questions staff ask about their work. Staff are well deployed. This ensures that children who need support, guidance or encouragement have someone nearby who they can rely on. Children benefit from regular sessions with staff who focus on their individual learning needs, such as building their concentration, communication and language skills. Children are observed to enjoy this time and, although they are well challenged, there are also lots of happy giggles.”

Ofsted Report 2020

You can view the full report here.